vendredi 24 mai 2013

The Plan 

These days we all know that Muslims riot in Sweden. They have rioted in other parts of Europe too, mainly in France and in England. For all we know it is more common and has happened more often than we have been told.
Why is this happening?
In short it’s like this; first the Jews spread feminism to reduce the birth rate in Europe. Then they argued that we had to import non-European immigrants to compensate for the lack of population growth in Europe. Then the Jews executed several terrorists attacks on American and European soil and put the blame on the Muslims, and they used the same Mossad-lead terrorists to attack regimes in several other countries (Libya, Syria). They made Europe respond by attacking Muslim countries (not by chance those who are the most anti-Israel [Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria]), which of course was another great excuse for them to make us accept a further few million «poor (Muslim…) refugees» from these wars.
As we all know the huge Muslim population in Europe work as leverage for the Jews to make us all side with the Israel. How can we not? We have these sub-human nut-case Muslims living all around us, semi-animal scum in every corner of our countries, raping our women, robbing our old and young, stabbing and beating up young men, and now even murdering British soldiers in the street and burning down half of Stockholm! Why would we not side with the Jews and Israel in this situation? Obviously they are right when they want to fight their Muslim neighbours!
If we side with the Jews they will strengthen their already strong grip on Europe; they will do as they please in the Middle East, meaning they will take everything they want from their neighbours (and they want everything from the Mediterranean all the way to the Euphrates or even the Tigris (both in Iraq). They will use Europeans as cannon fodder to achieve this, of course.
In Europe they will turns us all into debt slaves, and in effect make us their possessions; real slaves. They will feed us only with genetically modified food (that they have patented) and gain monopoly on all food production and distribution. So if you protest against their tyranny, you will starve to death. They will drug us and make money from doing so, using “Vaccines” and their pharmacy industry and lobby to achieve this. They will use Europe as a slave colony for Israel! They will also destroy all our will and ability to resist the rule in the future by mixing us with other races, leaving us without any nationalistic feelings whatsoever and destroying our intelligence. Europe will slowly but surely die, rot from within, and cease to be. They will then erase our history and write a new history for Europe, like they have done with Palestine, Egypt and the Middle East. We will no longer worry about Muslims raping us, robbing us or even killing us. We will be destroyed completely.
What we need to do, instead of siding with the purely evil Jews, is to fight both the Muslims – low-brow, low-tech aggressors trying to take over Europe – and the Jews, but we must focus our aggression on the Jews first. We must wait, though, and let things become much worse than they already are before we do anything. We need the European masses on our side, and they will not wake up from their by Jews drug-infused sleep until things get even worse. If you do act only do so in a a way that will make common Europeans side with our cause!
The Jews forget that if the current trend continues Europe will not work any more, the trains and buses will not run, the food will not be distributed, the hospitals will not work, the police, the fire departments and so forth; nothing will work like it should when more non-Europeans pour into our countries and when more Europeans mix with non-Europeans, because only a country with a European majority works as well as Europe does today! The more racially mixed a country is, the less efficient it becomes in all ways. As Europe becomes less and less efficient we will also become poorer and poorer, and thankfully; poverty – when our European children starve – is probably the one thing that will make the masses wake up and revolt!
Prepare for the worst. Prepare for war. Prepare to defend Europe! Make lists of our enemies, but of course only if this is legal in your country, and keep them to yourself. Be ready to move in and fix the leaking roof and to mop up the floor afterwards! 
HailaR WôðanaR!
Source: ancestral cult
By Varg Vikernes